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Travel Guide - New Brunswick
Kouchibuquac National Park New Brunswick Mulholland Light on Campobello Island, New Bruswick Flowerpot Rocks - Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

"New Brunswick has much to offer in natural beauty, and rustic maritime charm; like a song, a visit to the coast is something that will stay with you forever."

New Brunswick Tourism

New Brunswick lies entirely within the Appalachian Mountain range, and the ancient rolling mountains extend along the coast, creating picturesque valleys and stunning shorelines. New Brunswick is famous for its bays, foremost of which is the spectacular Bay of Fundy. Known for having the highest tides in the world, the vast quantity of water flowing in and out modifies the surrounding area, creating strange and beautiful landscapes that visitors can see at Hopewell Rocks. Another coastal highlight is New Brunswick's many lighthouses. With over 70 of them dotting the shores, many were built in the late 18th century and still render their invaluable services to seagoing traffic.

New Brunswick's cities have much to offer as well. Moncton is 50 km inland, and has a much milder climate than the coast. Summer highlights include the not-to-be missed Atlantic Seafood Festival, where the entire city celebrates traditional East Coast culture and cuisine. Even Mcdonald's offers lobster on the menu. Favorite son Northrop Frye is the inspiration behind the annual Northrop Frye Literary Festival, dedicated to showcasing local writers, and bring them together with national and international writers. Authors from all over the world descend on Moncton to read from their works in schools, cafes, and restaurants.

Fredricton, the province's capital and cultural centre, boasts three universities and the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. This gives Fredricton a cosmopolitan flavor not usually found in cities its size. The Beaverbrook Art Gallery, despite its small size, maintains an incredible collection of world-renowned art. Downtown Fredricton has 2 centuries worth of architecture; you'll find Victorian churches nestled between modern office towers, and over 120 shops and restaurants, catering to locals and visitors alike.