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City Travel Guide - Moncton
Flowerpot Rocks - Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick Crystal Palace Amusement Park Downtown Moncton, New Brunswick

"This charming Maritime town has enough history and culture to keep you busy for a long time; you'll have tear yourself away if you want to explore the rest of New Brunswick!"
Moncton Tourism

Summer is a beautiful time of year on the east coast, and with it comes many festivals and events. Moncton is home to the Atlantic Seafood Festival, when the entire city celebrates traditional East Coast culture and cuisine. Even Mcdonald's offers lobster on the menu. On August 15th the Acadians celebrate "Le 15 Aout des Fous", their national holiday. The highlight is the 'Tintamarre' a huge parade where residents dress in the Acadian colours and celebrate raucously with a parade downtown.

If shopping is your thing, Champlain Place is your destination. One of the largest malls in Atlantic Canada, it boasts over 150 stores and services under one roof, and is right next door to Crystal Palace, a huge indoor amusement park. Downtown Moncton, with its historic buildings, restaurants and shops is paradise for the savvy consumer. Browse through funky shops looking for unique handicrafts, and haggle over prices for rare antiques, you'll find the charm and flavour of the maritimes is everywhere.

With the coast only a few clicks away, Moncton is a great place from which to explore the rest of New Brunswick. Dotted with coves and studded with lighthouses, the coast is an endless stream of postcard-perfect vistas. The spectacular Bay of Fundy, known for having the highest tides in the world, is a popular destination. The vast quantity of water flowing in and out modifies the surrounding area, creating strange and beautiful landscapes, such as the Hopewell Rocks. Parlee Beach has some of the warmest water in Canada, and facilities for a full day of family fun.