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Sports teams
InnVest Hotels offer exceptional group travel discounts for your sports teams travel needs. Find group accommodation at over 60 hotels in Canada for your next tournament or championship!

Sports team travel at hotels in CanadaWhether you are a coach taking your team to their provincial championship, or a parent taking your children to their weekend tournament, we invite you to choose InnVest hotels for your sports teams upcoming travel needs. We offer group accommodations at over 60 hotels in Canada that will meet your sports travel team needs and match your budget!

Since 1999, we have successfully partnered with Athletic Associations, Colleges and Universities to help support sports teams at the grass roots level. Our contribution to the sports travel market was recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Sport and Recreation. We have also been awarded the Ontario Sport Citation Award.

As a leader in the hospitality industry, we have developed the expertise and professionalism necessary to handle the needs of sports teams requiring group accommodations across the country. When you choose InnVestREIT Hotels you'll receive competitive group travel rates. We are your one-stop-shop for all your sports travel needs.

Call now to book your group hotel reservations for your sports teams at any of our hotels located near your next tournament or championship.


For more information on our sports travel program e-mail our National Sales Office or call 1-866-848-BOOK (2665) with your team requirements. You can also contact the hotel directly and quote the name of your association.


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Sport team travel at hotels in Canada

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