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Local Hotels Show Meaning of Hospitality

"Families of people who are battling cancer have a bit of good news this holiday season." 

Three Sudbury area hotels are offering free lodging for family members in Sudbury to be with their loved ones.

"It's all about giving back and we just felt it was a way for us to be involved with the community," said Carla Lacelle, the general manager of the Travelodge Hotel.

The Travelodge Hotel Sudbury and the Comfort Inns on Regent Street and Second Avenue are participating in the Room at the Inn-Angel Program. The program provides free accommodations for out-of-town families who are visiting loved ones or who are patients at the Northeastern Cancer Research Centre over the holidays. The program runs until Jan. 5, 2011.

"Certainly, we see a lot of business from the cancer centre with people year round," she said. "We just wanted to say we understand what they're going through and how difficult it can be, especially this time of year. If we can do something nice for them, it warms our hearts."

A spokesperson from the Northern Cancer Research Foundation are thrilled about the "generous" offer. There is a lodge available for patients, but family and friends can pay up to $100 a night for hotels.

"At Christmastime, when someone is sick, the last thing you want to worry about are additional costs," said Tannys Laughren, executive director of the Northern Cancer Research Foundation. "To be able to offer this to the family and friends of the patients ... will really make a big difference."

With the weather Ontario has been having lately, some families may have to stay an extra night, even if the patient only needs treatment for one day.
"For someone coming from Manitoulin Island, they could drive down and turn around and drive back on the same day, but in the winter, it's not quite as possible because of the unpredictably of the roads," Laughren said.
"People who live fairly close find themselves having to purchase rooms."

Both Comfort Inns are fully supportive of the program. Larry Martin, general manager of the Comfort Inn on Regent Street, said the program is "all about giving back to the community and helping others."

Anne Legault, general manager of the Comfort Inn on Second Avenue, said it's difficult to be away from family during difficult times. "In the spirit of giving, we would like to extend an invitation to the families in need to rest and enjoy our gift of hospitality," she said in a release.

The Travelodge and the Comfort Inns have given the vouchers to the Northern Cancer Research Foundation. The Foundation will offer the vouchers to clients as they are needed.

Reservations for accommodations can be made directly with Laughren at the Northern Cancer Research Foundation at 523-4673, ext. 2623.

Northern Cancer Research Foundation in Sudbury